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  1. To those that keep suggesting using Ctrl +/- to adjust zoom in your browser... Clearly, you do not read. Many of the suggestions including my own has been a suggestion for the APPLICATION. Not using the browser based interface. Using the App, especially on smaller mobile devices, provides the greatest functionality. However, if one cannot use it because it's so freakin tiny, then said app is of zero use. Since this has been a long standing open issue, I and many others have switched to OneNote. Done. Finished. Kaput.
  2. Too bad the ability to zoom is only being addressed on the Mac. This pretty basic feature which hasn't been addressed for the Windows platform. So yet another customer lost because I have to switch to OneNote so I can SEE WHAT I'M DOING! Frustrating?? YES! OneNote is FREE, is available as the full application, as an App, and works across windows, android, and all browsers I've tried thus far. That said, EverNote has some nice features, but none of them mean much if I can't see anything.
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