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  1. Thanks for these ideas! I ended up deinstalling the desktop app and deleting the Libraries, after syncing and disconnecting from the cloud. I am all Web Client until I can get that new MacBook 512GB SSD. :-) The Web Client has improved alot since I last used it about 18 months ago. Be well.
  2. I have 6.6K notes taking up about 10GB on my HD. How best to reduce this HD load? I am inclined to go to web client only though this will be an inconvenience for working offline. Its a shame Evernote had not developed selective sync yet. If I were to set up a separate account to hold a fraction of my larger evernote database on my hard drive, but at a smaller size, how is it possible to share a single evernote note between accounts? Also, I I decided to go all web client and clean out my hard drive of Evernote content altogether, what is the best way to uninstall the evernote Library files without harming my cloud files? Thanks for your advice here.
  3. In the way of an update since 2013, has Evernote updated it capability so that one can reduce hard drive Evernote storage by having some notebooks purely in the cloud and not on the hard drive like with Dropbox Selective Sync? Thanks for reply.
  4. Yes, this reboot worked for me also. Let's see if it is consistent. Thanks for help here. Be well.
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