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  1. thank you for the feedback. if i had known about this effective way-posting here- i would have try this first. hope US administrater can handle this soon. thank you. have a good day.
  2. That's an incredibly naive outlook on several fronts. I would think it's very clear to most (all?) that the actual time it takes to do the deed was not at issue, but rather the turnaround from customer support. I have no idea why you think this has anything to do with credibility. And yeah, I'd say a user name change would typically be a lower priority than some other issues, rather than your assumption that if it takes x long to get a name change that surely it takes x times 100 for a more severe issue.First of all, what i wrote in this thread is not exact. sorry ScottLougheed. I thought you were a staff of evernote team. and I get what you saying. Actually, I never have visited and written something on online community before this. maybe If I don't have problem for upgrading premium user this couldn't have happened. by the way. Mr. BurgerNFries? you calling me 'incredibly naive outlook on several fonts.'? even I know my english is not good and can cause many misunderstandings. but still, I don't see your comment is in a good manner. I wonder reactions like you is typical one on this web site? this is how this community goes? judging people, instead of showing another opion? by the way, I'm kind of busy these days. and I don't have enough time but, there is a huge misunderstanding about what's right when it comes to treating customer's request. I should write some. credibility? I don't know about what company you are working for. in my world and my company, have strong interests promoting the idea about user credibility. credibility that 'this company is willing to solve my problem', and 'they will try erase users inconvenience when buying and using their product.' If you are a CS representative, how can you express that good will to your customer? you really think "ignoring a premium user who just want change his name for the 3 or 4 days" can give satisfaction and credibility to your customer? In any decently-run world, at least one from support team should have contact the user first and explain how his request was placed on low priority and how long will it takes to assign a person to help him. even if actual day that request is done is not gonna change. does that make more sense? naive? everytime I see a new-commer in my office who is responsible for customer support. It's really frastrating to explain for him that 'user' and 'company -that is, CS employee- situation' is totally different. that's just saparated. so we don't have to expect customer's understanding. they usually tryin to talk to customer how's this CS department's situation, like 'we don't have enough people', 'our internal approval is relatively slow.', 'most of us is newbie so the speed of things done is not so fast.' everytime I see such a 'NAIVE' employee, I say. 'hey, that's company's internal situation, why do customers understand that? why do they have to wait?, that's your role to clear that kind of obstacles and give customer fast reaction. not enough people? then report to manager how many people do you need for reasonable reaction. approval delay? propose to change process.' something like that. on the other hand. customer side? 'they have no response for my simple request. i don't believe him' that's all. no one can fault him. know why? 'there,s blar blar reasons in the company so the delivery of service is slowing...' ye ye. find. that's company's problem. not mine. why do customers should be effected on your internal problem?...... that's customer. so. to me. mixing the notion between customer and company is 'NAIVE' like new-commer in CS part. and you. Mr.BurgerNFries. who did you told me who is naive? by the way i need to get back to work. the world that have no english at all. i just don't want to have your understanding. and i don't wanna disabuse your thinking. just keep naive.-you not working with me- plus. you and i both don't want each others understanding. have a goodday.
  3. I'm just curious, Mr. Scott mentioned that, "you have to wait 3 business days for a name change, It isn't terribly surprising" then, How long is terribly surprising for premium subscriber to change his name? 3.5 days? 4.5? or 5 days? I am an IT guy too. simple connect & update & commit is all it takes. I sure that it wouldn't take 30 sec. you can say "hey. just changing a name is no big deal. you can wait!" but what about credibility? what if Mr. or Ms. vanessa p goes like "I can't believe to take 3 days for just simple update, If I have a big, complicated issue like loss of data or security, then you going to spend 1 whole year to fix it!" please. just think of it on user's side little more.
  4. Hi, I have purchased a 1 month subscription through google on my android device. but after 48 hours. it still shows me as a free member. also I've a send ticket # 836900 expecting branch in my country(South Korea) can handle this. But they're not responding yet. I hope someday....(I've waited enough.).. anyone of evernote team can help me. Thank you. (I'm just wondering.. If I didn't send ticket, then I can never get premium upgrade? Plus, I see it as a difference of culture between Korea and any other country but, I must say, Every company has a phone number of Its customer service center or something like that in south Korea. Except, evernote Korea branch. Don't you think it's little bit strange? I mean, of course there can be some glitch interfacing google and evernote. but, generally, a user doesn't cause that problem.-like me, i'm just trying to purchase- and, a user had to send a ticket spending precious time, even explaining what did i did to solve the problem - that's part of ticket process -, waiting for a response, googling if some other people have same issue like me, even posting in a forum. why does user of evernote have to do all this? instead of a simple phone call? Korea branch have no phone? or there's no one in that office capable of speaking Korean? Once Again, I never have spent this much time and effort for the.. at least 30+ years just to buy one. I didn't know being a (premium) user of evernote is that hard.)
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