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  1. That’s what I meant: with Notability you have to share. In Penultimate I just make changes and close the book. No need for the extra step. Evernote updates automatically.
  2. What a shame. Drawings in Evernote just don’t cut it. I love writing in a sketch book, then rearrange pages or copy and paste items. Rearranging stuff on a single page is a pain in Evernote. I know that Notability is head and shoulders above Penultimate — but it does not cooperate with Evernote as smoothly. And without Penultimate, Evernote itself will not stay much longer. So please, get your act together, Evernote!
  3. This thread is more than a year old and still there does not seem to be a working solution for iOS. My main intention is capturing a blog post in Evernote and storing a PDF copy of it in a Dropbox folder that is available to my students. Asking too much? It works great on macOS, btw.
  4. Just stumbled across this feature request. Now the Google Drive integration seems to be there. Will there be a Dropbox or even iCloud integration? Like attaching (aka linking) a document to a note, and opening it on the cloud drive with the respective app (Office 365 or iWork or whatever the user sets the access for). That would come in quite handy for productive work, I think...
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