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  1. The bug seems to still not be fixed. I had written a note on the Evernote desktop version (osx). The day after I opened to read the note on an iPad, made some changes, then noticed it was an old version. I thought the desktop version hadn't been sync'd so I opened it and hoped a "conflicted notes" version would appear when syncing it (as per usual). For some reason this didn't happen and the new (edited older) version replaced the version I had written on the desktop application. Since I'm using an old iPad that can't install the latest iOS version of Evernote, my guess is that the bug arises because of some difference between how the old software syncs vs how new versions of Evernote syncs. Anyway, I'll be very careful with how I use Evernote in the future... Is there anyway (for a non-premium user) to retrieve old notes?
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