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  1. Though the update is an improvement it is still worse than penultimate 5.x was. I liked how it felt like pages in a journal/notebook before and I could just push a button to flip a page. The old way of zooming in was far superior and much preferred. Also it still lags when I'm writing and I've noticed that my writing comes how sloppier and choppier than it had in the past (though I don't have the best handwriting). I think I speak for everyone when I say that I would prefer that you just go back to the old version instead of trying to fix the new one. If you had left the old design and added new features that other note taking apps have like the ability to type in a note, and mode where you can pan around a page without marking on it or just adding the ones that you did add without changing the design (like highlighters and different pen sizes) I would have been happy. I am a student technology leader at my school and I have been hearing similar thoughts and complaints from my peers. It seems as if many of them are switching note taking apps and using things like Bamboo and Notability instead. If you were wise you'd listen to your users and heed my advice otherwise you'll lose your place as the best handwriting app on the app store.
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