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  1. I know. Been using Evernote for years. But clicking 'all notes' was resulting in a empty window. I finally trashed the application, emptied the trash, restarted the Mac, and installed a new copy of Evernote. And now all is well. Back to normal. Thanks CS
  2. I'm running Evernote 7.2 on an iMac (OS 10.13.5). I can select and search all 6 of my notebooks individually but I can no longer select or search 'all notes'. This is a new issue that only affects my Mac app. No problem on my iPhone app or web browser (Chrome). Re-installing the Mac app did not help. Oddly enough, my associate is running an identical setup and she has no such issues.
  3. For all the reasons that have already been mentioned, I hate the new interface — too light... too open... no contrast... bad typography... idiotic design. Just awful.
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