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  1. Thanks. I am on 6.0.3 and it still doesn't work. They'll get to it eventually, I'm sure.
  2. When I first upgraded to 6.0, I had the disappearing note (untitled) issue. I worked through that. Then I had some formatting issues and Marcus (employee) said that the new version could only handle certain forms of input. I bought that for a bit, but one of my key sources is a major web site (bonappetit.com). I finally had time to view source on a recipe and the HTML that won't paste properly is a simple list: <li> <span class="ingredient"> <span class="quantity">8</span> <span class="unit">slices</span> <span class="name" itemprop="ingredients">½”-thick Pullman bread</span> </span> </li> <li> <span class="ingredient"> <span class="quantity">8</span> <span class="unit">ounces</span> <span class="name" itemprop="ingredients">Fontina cheese, thinly sliced</span> </span> </li> This is not rocket science. Why can Evernote not ingest this properly. http://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/prosciutto-watercress-and-fontina-toasties (Excellent recipe, BTW. Highly recommend it.) Here's the page I was on, but any recipe from the same site will do... i don't get it. Carolyn
  3. Hello Marcus. Thank you for the quick reply. That alone makes me more likely to stick with Evernote! I did a little more looking and it appears that it's mostly in my Recipes notebook (thankfully not my work notebook) and it appears to be mainly content that was pasted in from the bon appetit web site. Unfortunately, many of those are on my Thanksgiving menu, but I will just repair them as I use them. It was a bit of a shock, especially after the 6.0 (AppStore) debacle. Taken together those two incidents rocked my confidence for a little while. Thanks again for the quick reply.
  4. I was auto updated via AppStore to 6.0 and could not see the contents of any of my notes. On the advice of an Evernote forum, I uninstalled and got 6.0.1 from direct download. Now I can see my notes but a lot of the formatting has been lost. Line breaks have been removed, so my nicely formatted notes are now a series of giant unformatted paragraphs. Is there any way to get the former formatting back? This is a real problem and gives me pause before entering anything else into Evernote. Too bad because I've really come to love it and was about to spring for Premium. What happened to your QA team? Thanks, Carolyn V
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