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  1. Version 6.06 just came out and they still haven't addressed the issue with tagging LiveScribe notes. I flagged this to them in November 2014 and they haven't done anything about it yet (Feb 2015), despite recognizing that the problem persists. I wonder why Livescribe isn't pushing harder on this from their end too.
  2. The Evernote team got back to me on December 1st 2014 to say that this is a known issue and they are looking into it. That was more than a month ago though and the current version 6.0.5 still has the problem. The best work around for now is to create a second blank note, select it, and then multi select the actual note whose tags you want to change. You can edit the tags if both are selected. One you are done with the tags, you can delete the blank note. It's tedious, but will work until they get around to fixing this.
  3. UPDATE: 6.0.1 has the same problem where you cannot add tags directly to Livescribe notes. However, there are two workarounds. 1. Edit the tags in the web version of Evernote, not the desktop version. 2. On the desktop software, select more than one note at a time and then make the tag edit to the notes simultaneously. Then it sticks.
  4. The recent Evernote update (Mac 6.0) took away the ability to tag notes generated by Livescribe pens. In the past, we were able to tag Livescribe notes, but not edit them directly. Now with the update, no tags will stick and it says that "This note was created in another application. To edit this note, open it in the app where it was created." The problem is that the Livescribe-Evernote partnership means that Evernote is the only way that Livescribe Sky users can access the content on our pens. There is no other software for Sky users. I contacted Livescribe about the problem and received the following response: "Unfortunately, you will need to contact Evernote support to fix this issue: https://evernote.com/contact/support/ " Has anyone else encountered this and found a workaround? Thanks, Tad
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