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  1. I've never posted on these forums before, but version 6 on the Mac (at least on Mavericks, which is what I use) looks awful. So bright. Hard to tell what I'm supposed to look at. The old version with green and dark grey was calming and got out of the way of my thoughts. To echo what others are saying, could we have some preferences to be able to control whether we use a darker theme or this bright white/grey one? I also have to say I'm dubious about the chat functions and Context, especially bringing in context from outside news sources. That scares me. You should focus on making Evernote the leanest, fastest, most robust and bulletproof tool for taking and organizing notes. There are so many other sources for web research and chat that I think development time and energy is wasted on those features. Anyway, those complaints are second to the UI changes in this latest version. I still love Evernote, but please roll back the UI changes. This is depressing to use.
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