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  1. Hello again, I have gone back to the previous version. This is not a small change, it is a decision that completely changes the user friendly experience. I assume that the person (people) that made the decision to take away this feature did not use it themselves and therefore have trouble imagining how practical it is/was. The consequence is that many users are finding that Evernote is going from a very practical tool to a less practical tool....Again I would like to insist and ask evernote to please reevaluate this decision, it is important that you listen to the users if you want to keep them and not develop for the sake of developing. Thank you!
  2. The grid view allows a much better overview of all the stacks and notebooks, please bring it back! Scrolling does just the opposite...takes more time and removes the possibility of having an overview...a strange move for a productivity software...
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