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  1. same issue has been happening for me since the upgrade to 6. now on 6.05 - typing any character takes approximately 15 seconds to appear! 15 SECONDS FOR A CHARACTER TO APPEAR!! the app is entirely unusable since the upgrade to 6. until you actually get this app working how about posting a downgrade so we can keep working? this is nothing short of ridiculous. anyone have an alternative app they're using until evernote gets their act together on this? k
  2. My recommendation: uninstall V6.0, download V6.0.1 from the Evernote site and install it. This helped in several cases. anyone know when 6.01 is going to show up in the app store? chasing apps all over the web isn't exactly an ideal solution...
  3. We suspect that for some people the indexing takes a really long time. This occurs in the background and is very computer intensive and could lead to slowness. Please try leaving your computer on overnight to allow Evernote to finish indexing. For some it might take a full day to fully finish. After this Evernote will work faster than before. Also there was a customer who rebooted his system after the indexing and that seemed to help. Please keep in mind that most people are not running into this issue because they don't have the specific data that you have or there could be some sort of issue in your data that is causing the indexing to take longer than normal. The forums make it sound like everyone is having the same issues and this is not true because the millions of people who have upgraded with no issues don't have a reason to come to the forums so you don't hear of an alternative view. Please write back to this forum after a few days of indexing to let us know if this did or didn't fix the issue. If it's not the indexing issue then we want to figure out a solution. Actually, the program has been running non stop for nearly 4 days at this point. I have restarted the computer 3 times during that period. Evernote is still impossibly slow. Previous version worked without issue - this is definitely somethign to do with the upgrade. In a word. It's unusable.
  4. I'm running Evernote 6.0 on Yosemite and it's virtually unsuable! Navigation is unbearably slow. Click up or down arrow and the program waits nearly 2 seconds before the key click is registered on screen. Typing is the same - Start typing and it's nearly 2 SECONDS until the characters start appearing in your note. The longer the pogram is open the worse it is but the issue is present even after a complete system restart. Using 2010 Mac Pro with 12 Gigs of RAM. Previous versions of evernote worked without issue. Any ideas? Is something else conflicting with the new version of Evernote? Known issue? karl
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