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  1. Just rename your Evernote shortcut to "Flashlight". Works great
  2. Just another mediocre company that outgrew itself. Evernote doesn't have the time to care.
  3. I'm often in low lighting conditions. I've tried everything including brightness programs, inverting, theming... the best solution is to only use apps the option for a dark background and light text. Ever "toobright" Note has not figured this out yet. Very frustrating. Very bad design. Even young, healthy eyes must have a hard time with this (and most other) apps. Arguments for a properly themed environment: 1. Dark apps are easily readable in ANY lighting conditions, while a bright background is hard to read in low lighting. 2. Is it really that hard to have a color selection page? Are the widdew codwers scwared? 3. What would Neo do? Do you read the matrix with a white background? Right. So ... fix it, or Serf will bitbucket your construct. 4. It could be done by opening up the color settings for 3rd parties, and encouraging using it. 5. There are many apps with dark themes, so, obviously, many users (and devs) who prefer this. 6. Be the only cool big'n with proper themes! 7. You'll get a flood of new users ($$$) like me, just 'waiting for the day' !!1! Maybe that IS the issue... the servers could not handle the sudden influx of all 40 or 50 us going pro at the same time. Plus tech support would be flooded with 100s of brighties losing their text by setting the foreground and background the same. Thanks. I was trying some things in chrome, but still use FF. This looks like the best. Too bad Stylish and Greasemonkey are not so popular anymore. The volcanic FF development cycle has chased away many devs. I've uninstalled many programs for this very reason, including evernote. It's really nice having one place that's easy to send stuff to, where it's accessible from multiple locations.... But if I can't see the words, it does no good. After looking at like 100 evernote apps in playstore, I've not found much that's updated and clearly shows 'inverted' theme options.... are there any good ones I missed? I only looked at the pics. Or maybe other apps that might work? I've looked at bunch.... all fail. There are some simpler ones, but none of the big players are showing any consideration for the visually challenged, besides, they probably like their apps bright, so they don't have to find the flashlight app.
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