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  1. Well, I'll add my two cents along with everyone else that this was a poor design/ui color scheme. Blocks of text, next to blocks of text, next to headers, next to scrollbars, minimal left col-main content separation, and no good contrast or stark differentiation. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US A PREFERENCES SETTING TO USE THE OLD, DARK UI COLORS. That or give us themes, and/or allow us to customize our workspace. And for the employee in another thread who said something about having experts look at things and say it was great... ugh, really? Your experts are us. A/B testing ever come to mind? Opinionated as we are, we're power users and we're quite passionate about things like this since we choose what software we want to use and we choose yours. As professionals, we have methods and strategies to work with and navigate all of the information in front of us on a daily basis, and you just forced us to have to deal with this sad color scheme that ultimately messes with all of those things. Not fair. Hope you really listen to our feedback and provide us with some workspace color theme options.
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