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  1. Thanks for the instructions. This worked for me i won't make the mistake of updating again!
  2. I tried to read as much as I could in this forum but I just want to know if I can revert back to the old version. I really really wish I would've investigated before agreeing to update, now even if I re-install the old dmg on my mac, it still does not let me use it? WHy wouldn't it let me use the old version - it says that the version is too old and being managed by a newer version. So basically only people who didn't upgrade still have the nice version of this software. I posted a thread but no helpful input so far and I guess this is where all the talk is. The new version is very washed out, hard to read, hard on the eyes and difficult to see. It doesn't look great either overall, there's hardly any obvious separation between cards/words and the background. If I wanted to be surrounded by white I can go to the mall and into the Apple store Fromthe post on the top of this thread page I see someone quoted some upcoming changes. When will we know when the new version is available with the changes? And is there any way we can get the darker color back for the side bar part? I can also barely see the lines separating each section - navigation, cards, preview. The outline of the cards is way too light and I can barely see that too. For the lines separating sections, if I didn't notice my curser changing I wouldn't even know I was looking at separate panels.
  3. Yes I have mac 10.9.5 . Sorry forgot to include that.
  4. I signed in today and it asked me if I wanted to update Evernote to the new version. Unfortunately they got rid of the tiny bit of color left in the application and now it's very dry and plain, there is hardly any difference in color between background and different words and subjects in the interface. I don't know why they tried to strip everything down but it's not user friendly to me and I would like to change it back.
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