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  1. An uninstall/reinstall isn't a solution ... it is a workaround. A fix would involve a version without the bug being available on the Apple store, and a solution would involve better testing and QC on the part of Evernote to prevent obvious bugs from appearing in the first place.
  2. I'm having a miserable experience with the app store version. In addition to the usability issues other have reported, the content of notes is intermittently disappearing from the view window, even though it shows in thumbnails. If I leave Evernote on the note long enough, the title is changed to Untitled Note. Really buggy release and poorly thought out design. On the heels of the recent Penultimate apology and web clipper bugs, and I'm starting to wonder if Evernote is a reliable solution for the long term, or if they've just hit a QC "rough patch".
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