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  1. I'm very much on the same boat as you. I just wish there was a way to revert back to the previous version but that's not an option with this data migration to the new schema. It's just sad that a company like Evernote would ever allow such defects hit their paying customers. Unlike most people in this thread, I'm not complaining about the new washed out look (even though a MAJOR step back). I'm complaining about the fact I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS MY NOTES.
  2. I am on Mavericks, foolishly updated to v6 on App store. Besides looking utterly bizarre, the UI behaves in completely erratic ways. Selecting a note from the list shows nothing on the right pane - until after a few minutes have passed... and still it doesn't display properly. Oh, and there's no way to edit! And before anyone tells me "oh maybe it's still syncing" well no, because reselecting the same note means I have to wait a few more minutes. Maybe this is by design too. Do you guys actually have a QA department? On the Evernote about page, I can see it's "built with love" by a long long list of people... I have to tell you that's the worst kind of love I've ever seen. Maybe you should "build with *some* professionalism" from now on. Instead of listening to your users and adding much requested features, you waste everyone's time with nonsense. Configurable toolbar? Editing styles? No, just some hipster *****. And now I have to go looking for a replacement.
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