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  1. They apparently were imported with tags the same as the section they were in. But I don't see how that helps. It's still just a list of all notes with no organization.
  2. Ok It seems to work on the windows version. But I have bigger problems. I need to import from Onenote to get everything into Evernote. But when I do that I just have a monumental list with every note in onenote. There is no organization. All of the sections and pages are just in one list. This is unusable. I must be missing something, I don't see how anyone could use Evrenote like this. I look at these programs like a file cabinet that has my stuff filed in a manner that I can easily find what I need. What am I missing?
  3. When I right click options on windows 10 are Save Image as, etc. No way to open file. I was hoping to be able to use Evernote, but it's a real showstopper if I can't view ms docs.
  4. Attached an excel file to a note. If I click on the file icon, rather than open the file it offers to save the file to my desktop. I read that right clicking would open the file but there is no such option when I right click. Am I missing something. This makes no sense at all.
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