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  1. This can often happen right after the migration (which is why we notify you that migration may take some time). We are doing quite a bit of reindexing for our search/speed improvements. Give it some time and let us know if the situation doesn't improve. @Jack, a few others have said so since this post, but this is occurring for me as well, along with the other symptoms FMeu cited just above: several situations like simply double-clicking cause note titles to be lost (this is data loss), and I otherwise can't edit notes at all. This means Evernote is effectively unusable. To quantify the "long time", it's a minute or more for me to open each note. I let Evernote run for several hours on the first run after the update, and my note library is not very large. The situation did not change with time. The initial modal progress bar of migration completed, there has been no crash or visible error. I synced, logged out and rebooted as the support Twitter account suggested to another user having the same issue. Spotlight search also does not appear to work for me, searching for distinctive terms in my Evernote content never returns any Evernote results. My specs are essentially the same as FMeu's: Mavericks (latest, 10.9.5), Mac App Store install. I was up-to-date with prior MAS version of Evernote. There are some ugly UI anomalies as well, note the title field and (un-editable) content in this screenshot: I backed up my old data from: ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data/Library/Application\ Support/com.evernote.Evernote/old So if there is any procedure you'd like to try for migrating/reindexing data again, or producing any forensic info about my system, let me know. Interface matters (bugs aside) are mostly subjective, so I'll give it some time, and after running on Yosemite (haven't upgraded yet due to issues with software build environments I need working...). I agree that the text in Snippets view is too light and line spacing is too tight, but Jack and Marcus have addressed that specifically already. After using it for awhile I still don't like icon/button designs in Apple's visual language introduced in iOS 7, but Evernote is just following Apple's platform direction now so it's neither here nor there I guess. As one of the heralded first-time posters, I'm disappointed with Evernote's quality control and aspects of product focus lately, but I do appreciate your candor and responsiveness here on the forums, and hope you'll get through this release without too many bruises.
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