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  1. Why oh why is everyone so hell bent on removing color.... Can you not give people some choice as to whether your customers want the all grey, dull look or something with a little color? I just bought Evernote a few months ago and I wish now I had gone with OneNote....at least I would have been able to differentiate between pages and notebooks. Every time I open Evernote up I get mad all over again. I can't believe I upgraded to this.....so disappointed!
  2. I want to revert back to my previous version as well. I HATE this 'all grey, washed out, can't see, trying to be cool" interface. It's awful. Hey Evernote....give everyone a choice to keep the classic look or the update (if you can call it that) look..... Please someone out there...."how do I revert to the previous version?"
  3. I hate the all grey look....I don't know why evernote doesn't give you a choice between the classic (old) version and the new...I can't see it, can't distinguish anything...YUCK! Does anyone know how to revert back to the previous version? I could really use the help. I'm running a macbook pro with Mavericks.
  4. I just downloaded the new version of evernote and hate it because all the color is gone. I wouldn't have done downloaded it if I had known. How can I revert back to the previous version of Evernote? Thanks, Joanie
  5. I hate the 'all gray look' ....I don't know how to go back to the previous version of Evernote where there was color and it was easier to see and find things. I absolutly hate this new look. What is the attraction to taking color out of programs and washing everything out. AT LEAST GIVE US A CHOICE OF COLOR SCHEMES! is there a way to get the older version of Evernote back?
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