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  1. Bad luck, but I have no backup in iTunes Here is my solution, I got the version 5 with following steps: 1) catch an iPad with iOS 6 or 7 (friend, brother, etc.) 2) download Penultimate, it's automatic version 5.3.1, because version 6 needs iOS 8! 3) connect iPad with shareware iBackup Bot for iTunes 4) box left side down: user application, tools 5) then you see the installed apps 6) archive Penultimate 5 7) delete penultimate 6 in iTunes and move version 5 in the iTunes folder with the apps 8) after refreshing iTunes you should see penultimate v5 9) ready for installing!! GOOD LUCK!
  2. Hi there, I use Penultimate Premium Member on the iPad Air, v6.01. The Upadate is indeed an improvement over the v6.0, but still not to use in everyday life. Here my criticisms: 1) The Jot Scricpt pin is poorly recognized and integrated 2) Often the connection is interrupted, resulting in a choppy typeface, so it is therefore not possible smooth writing 3) In other apps the pen writes normal and liquid 4) Battery problem: even if the battery is full to 3/4, the Jot Script pin is not connected. Only change of a new battery helps. 5) The Zoom window jumps when writing partly in the more left upper corner of the screen. 6) Navigating with the zoom window is uncomfortable, it is navigated too fast and jerky. 7) the total typeface with the Jot script pin has worsened. You have to write very big to get a clean typeface. This was better in the old version. 8) VERY IMPORTANT: Insert the images or photos is poorly resolved. I can not move it or resize it. The images are placed in the middle of screen. Please dear Evernote Team: have (A BIG) a look at how other apps work (Good Notes, Notabilty, ...). It can not be so difficult to take these apps as a positive example !!! BR Tom
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