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  1. Sharing Evernote content should not have to be associated with the Chat feature. I would like to be able to turn it completely off and still be able to send email links to people I want to share Notes or Notebooks with. I agree with Socialwill above that the standard Sharing icon should be used in the content of sharing content. If Evernote the company wants to make its tool a communication platform that should be branded separately and optionally turned off.
  2. I'm in agreement with those who do not like the drab colors and small fonts used in the new UI. Evernote had a distinctive look and feel that was part of the software experience. The new UI is not inspiring and is hard to read and hard to distinguish from other apps. I'm not sure why the developer that commented on here thinks that following rules or following Apple replaces good old user testing. Plus, people like choices which Evernote used to provide. Seems like in terms of the UI, users got less with this upgrade.
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