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  1. I'm really sorry but another person on the unhappy list! I used this app all the time and it was my main meeting notebook. I went into a meeting a day or two ago opened it up and found the "update' had rendered the app basically useless. I read your blog post today and acknowledge the mea culpa but not the response. Read this thread, listen to your users - your old app used to have near 5 star reviews your new app has 1 star reviews at best and a lot of this is not because of a few tweaks or bug fixes... it is down to a fundamental change in the way the notes are taken and organised. We liked notebooks, we liked pages if we didn't like these we would have bought another app in the first place! It is quite straight forward... roll back... listen to your community and give them choice. When iBooks changed their UI they gave you options. I now use iBooks on my iPhone as a continuous scrolling page and on my iPad where I still like to "turn" the pages. That is my choice and I don't expect an app that I used one way to suddenly decide I should use it another. Unfortunately I am now downloading a new note taking app and hoping they will not be so high handed and not understand their own user base. I loved the old Penultimate. if you give me the options to use it the way I want to and show me what you consider to be an improvement and see if I want to adopt it I may come back!
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