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  1. That worked for me too! (I swear I had rebooted in my early attempts to remedy the problem, but oh well) Finally, I can get back to working without a enraged look on my face. It makes no sense for an application such as Evernote to require a reboot of the OS. A simple quit/restart of the app should've been sufficient.
  2. I'm still having the issue, which renders Evernote completely useless to me now. I have 250 notes in my premium account, which I would expect to migrate/reindex rather quickly. Here it has been four days since my upgrade, and I'm still stuck with a broken Evernote. This is killing my workflow to say the least, and the web UI doesn't cut it for me. Give us a way to roll back to the last 5.x version, PLEASE!!
  3. Here's my issue/frustration from the upgrade to Evernote 6.0: Notes are not showing contents for a *very* long time in all views that actually show the note contents (card view, list view, snippet view, top list view). This happens upon opening Evernote, selecting notes, opening notes in a new window, etc. The note appears empty, and it takes up to two minutes or so before the contents suddenly appear. If I choose another note after the contents appear, I have to wait for that note to populate the contents area. If I quickly choose another note to view, then come back to the originally selected note (which had finally loaded the contents) the contents are gone again, and I have to wait for them to load once more This happens to every note I choose, in every notebook - and makes using Evernote very frustrating. Evernote was upgraded via the app store on a MacBook Air running 10.9.5 (I can't upgrade the OS as this is a company owned laptop, and there are issues with Yosemite and tools we use at work at this time).
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