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  1. Their attitude is irritating. I give up. Goodbye Evernote. Welcome, Onenote.
  2. Hi SoftwareMarcus, for Dark Mode to be of any use for me, it should be everything dark, all of the interface AND the note itself (the most important part). Thanks!
  3. +1 for a dark theme. My eyes would be eternally grateful. (the unresponsiveness of the evernote team is so frustrating)
  4. Thank you, but whereas somebody complained about low contrast in text, almost everybody has complained about the fact that there is no contrast, no differentiation between at least the three main areas of the program (real accessibility issue), and it's still a faceless sea of grey...
  5. I would totally love the ability to assign a different color to each tag.
  6. Evernote devs, as a fellow designer I ask you, please understand that people here are not complaining because the new version looks like Yosemite and we simply don't like Yosemite. Neither understate this as a case of "people afraid of new things". Everybody looks up to Apple in terms of design, and for good reason. Yosemite is beautiful and also functional. It's totally agreeable to adhere to the new standards, and we certainly understand that Apple "dictates" that to a certain degree, but take a look at the new Finder as an example (nothing can get more "yosemitish" than their own thing right?): The sidebar has contrast, selected items have the dark bar behind them which is very clear; Evernote selected items in the sidebar have just blue text and that is not enough. Small thing, still very important. Finder has slightly darker lines to separate one section from another; the new Evernote separation lines are definitely too light. Transparency creates a cool effect and enough contrast between background and note cards only if the app lays on a strong coloured background. But users often open Evernote on top of some other app, very likely a web browser with white background, and there all the contrast is gone, please use darker lines. The Finder is absolutely not lacking color. Look at those strong blue folders. Look at all the different icons for every different file type. It's appealing and clear. Evernote is now all light grey and white, and beyond becoming a little depressive, it's confusing and makes it difficult to instantly recognize elements. In v5 you had colored icons on the sidebar. They functioned really well. Maybe you could redesign those to be more similar to Yosemite icons (a little more stylized and rubbery) but it's so unnecessary and counterproductive to make them all small and grey (yes, in Finder sidebar icons are grey, but they have to be different from the icons of the actual content; in Evernote they are practically the only icons and it's so essential that they stand out well). The panel on the right, behind the actual note, could be slightly darker again and not transparent-white, to emphasize contrast and put less strain on the eye. In Finder not everything is transparent, and they make use of grey when convenient (in Cover Flow for instance). The sync and notification buttons on the top bar, as well as the previous/next arrows are so thin that they disappear, lost in a sea of grey. In Finder each button has a border and a lighter background to let them stand out, why not following that? Lastly, Apple official highlight color may be blue (and that is not even an absolute, given the fact that the user can change that), but the use of Evernote green would bring back identity as well as surely NOT breaking the overall Yosemite-compliant look. Above all, it would give the application the cozy look it needs (we all know the importance of having the right color on the right thing). Well I just wanted to drop some more detailed feedback on the issue... hope this can be useful somehow.
  7. I have to second the complaints about the new interface/color scheme. It is really too bright, it tires the eyes. It is really too low in contrast, it doesn't look clean, it looks confused. It is really too minimalist, it doesn't look cool, it looks cheap. Sorry if the words are a bit harsh, you make a great piece of software, but please fix this, it IS important. Even just reverting back to the old interface would be fine.
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