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  1. Well guys, I give up. I went away frustrated shortly after this new update. I started to see some improvements (basically adding back old functionality to the notebook paradigm, which is what made this app so awesome in the first place). So I started back using the app a bit after the first of the year. Today, I started writing again with my stylus. I worked for 45 minutes and the app simply crashed and I lost all my work. This didn't happen once in the old app. So I'm moving on... But here's my big issue with this whole release: It was a failure. It was a mistake to start over with a new app basically. I'm not sure why you did the redesign, but you did not understand how your users interface with the app. And the thing is, its really not a big deal, it happens and is a great opportunity to learn. What happened next to me, however, is the real shame and failure. Once your leadership team started to see the reaction (I am making an assumption that some leaders above the Penultimate team actually got involved...could be wrong and maybe this was just bottled up inside that team...), they simply plowed forward into the storm. It would be really hard to think the Pen team would think "uh oh, we've gotta revert fast" and admit failure - that's what stable, strong leadership is supposed to do and support. Your organisation had a chance to do the brave, correct thing for your customers - revert back, use this as a learning experience, and move forward again from there. Instead, I am guessing, as is the case in most organisations, there are a lot of people inside saying "well we learned some things, but come on team, we're great! Let's keep going forward!!!!" I'm not suggesting that anyone needed to be fired, or yelled at - just a rational group of people saying "Look guys, understand what you tried to do, but let's go back, look at what happened here and learn from it, and then move forward. And importantly, let's dialogue with our users about what they like, and where they would like to see improvements". How many development hours have you spent basically responding to user feedback since this release? What if half of those hours would've been spent in advance getting input from your users to make some changes? Instead, you have lost an entire cohort of users, who are now silent and gone, and you can move on feeling like it was just a few crabby people. Not sure how, or if you can, track usage stats, but I would guess you lost a HUGE chunk of your super-users. Anyway, good luck, I hope this isn't the culture that runs Evernote as a whole. Organisations that don't reflect on, and look for the root cause of, problems and mistakes usually get into trouble.
  2. Has been a while since anyone from EN has posted any sort of update. I assume (hope) someone is monitoring this board. If so, can you please provide an update of what you are working on, the anticipated timing of those releases, etc.?
  3. I haven't switched to another app yet...mainly too busy on other stuff and avoiding the app for now mostly...I like some of the improvements to the prior release - ability to view pages along left side is one, though I still liked the old functionality better... Here also are a few things that I really think you should consider working on in the next release: - Cut / copy / past / move ENTIRE PAGE easily (to duplicate, move to another notebook, etc.) - Go back to old zoom functionality - just zoom in on one point in a page where you want to, and scroll from there (instead of the goofy box that floats and shows up on the bottom This is better than what you had, but still not as good as zooming in where you want and having that take up the whole screen - I used it a lot, wrote small notes to myself, zoomed to re-read. - Not sure what you can do about the following - but perhaps others have the same issue: when you expanded the page size to fit the whole iPad screen (which is fine with me), you also "auto-scaled" the graphics up proportionally on existing pages. By that I mean the following: Assume you had zoomed in and written in samllish print with a stylus on finest point possible. When you un-zoomed, you would have small, fine print. Then, when your new version expanded the page out - it proportionally took the width of the drawn lines up with it - thus making the lines "fatter" graphically, and, if you had a small letter, that expansion / fattening of the lines created blurry / messy written letters which are hard to read. If possible, you could just make the page bigger, without the scaling of the graphics? Did this mess anyone else up? Finally, I hope you guys have done something / are considering doing something internally to make sure that product management for this product is looked at differently in the future. You had something that worked really well. I continue to hope you will either revert or make changes that look like the old version... My kids are learning to write in things that still look like a word processor (pages), do presentations in things that look like a PPT deck, etc. There will be evolutions, but a product management team should never shove them down a user bases throat when you are dealing with people's fundamental data / content input / consumption interfaces. -------------- Note: had to go in edit post, as this shockingly prudish platform replaced the word s c r e w with " ******** " ... funny
  4. Well now I must admit I'm bummed about all of this because I don't think anything is going to happen to change back to the foundational pages / notebooks format. Here's my thesis: The media is reporting Evernote just received a $20MM investment from Nikkei, which is also a content integration deal. Evernote has raised almost $300MM along the way, and really needs to start thinking about liquidity for its investors, likely via IPO, or acquisition by a strategic (though I'd bet on IPO). That's not a good or bad thing, it's just a fact of life for a VC backed company (particularly one with over 13 investors, many of whom started a while ago...). Regardless, in either case, what do they (the new owners / investors) want to see? A growing user and subscriber base... I simply can't imagine the # of Penultimate users is even close to the # of Evernote users / subs. And I can tell you I for one won't drop Evernote even if I move to another handwriting app. I like it too much and have too much time invested in using at for work / personal stuff. Are you gonna drop it? So where will management allocate its resources ($ and time)? To an awesome, potentially winning handwriting app or to driving new Evernote users / subs and working hard on integrating the content deal it just signed with its new investor at a likely really high valuation? In an idealistic world, they would just revert back, shrink the Penultimate team and allocate resources elsewhere. If I were on the board, that'd be my vote - or to sell it - you might as well monetize it rather than futz along with noise from crazy evangelists while your design team scratches their head trying to understand how users actually used it. Anyway, I'm switching courses to finding a new app, as I'm now convinced Evernote is not likely to do the easy thing, and probably the better, less distracting thing...not that it wouldn't make sense to them, it's just not worth focusing their limited resources there. But if they did!!! Wouldn't that be awesome - and email that said "We not only released too soon, we clearly misunderstood many of our users core use cases. We're sorry, we're going to back". Now THAT would be courageous!
  5. So one last constructive attempt to lobby for reversion back to old structure (individual pages in individual notebooks). I really think your senior execs and CEO should be having this debate / discussion - it's at the core of what Penultimate is IMHO (which is not necessarily the same as what Evernote is...). And oh yeah - call it whatever you want - v 5, v 6.3, v 7... Penultimate did something almost no apps or technologies ever get to do - it attracted a large user base that found it so amazing that they incorporated it deeply into their personal and professional lives - and I mean deeply. And then those users (me included...) went out and evangelized for it... Many use / used it every day - to be more productive, to learn more, to be more organized, etc. What an amazing feat!!! Helping people evolve and be better versions of themselves around content and information, much of which was their own work!!! Truly, truly remarkable. There are I'm sure many reasons why, but high among them for me (and I would conjecture many others) is the fact that you created an intuitive, seamless, artisan styled, digitized version of a notebook / binder / canvas. And it can do so much more already. But in the end, the notebook design functions (separate pages, copying each, removing, inserting) is a core experience that has helped me immensely. I love the zoom, the tools, presentation, etc. - and I hope they all come back - but more than that the skeuomorphic notebook / binder / easel / white board design are the foundation. The success of a personal content input / storage / retrieval tool is so hard to do right - and you had so much of it right - please don't toss that away... I use Evernote as well (premium subscription, I'm a subscription junkie...) but not for the same purpose. And I wonder if your team and your execs truly get that - many of us use both, but not for the same purposes... PLEASE RECONSIDER AND TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES!!!
  6. I just received the email that you screwed up and are adding new features. Kudos for realizing this release was a mistake, but I hope you will continue to accept feedback and consider rolling back to v 5 The elegance of the artisan notebook was a hit for a reason. While these new changes seem helpful, they will not revert back to the intuitive ease of the old app. Also, it would be even more noble if you explained WHY you did this. Is it because you bought the company and needed to rewrite for better integration into Evernote? That might make sense, but you can still go back and get it right. Please please please consider going back, taking a deep breath, talking to your customers, and then moving forward. You had achieved something so rare with any product - you improved people's lives and changed the way the work - making them more productive and happier. Please consider going back there and trying to evolve forward again.
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