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  1. Well guys, I give up. I went away frustrated shortly after this new update. I started to see some improvements (basically adding back old functionality to the notebook paradigm, which is what made this app so awesome in the first place). So I started back using the app a bit after the first of the year. Today, I started writing again with my stylus. I worked for 45 minutes and the app simply crashed and I lost all my work. This didn't happen once in the old app. So I'm moving on... But here's my big issue with this whole release: It was a failure. It was a mistake to start over with
  2. Has been a while since anyone from EN has posted any sort of update. I assume (hope) someone is monitoring this board. If so, can you please provide an update of what you are working on, the anticipated timing of those releases, etc.?
  3. I haven't switched to another app yet...mainly too busy on other stuff and avoiding the app for now mostly...I like some of the improvements to the prior release - ability to view pages along left side is one, though I still liked the old functionality better... Here also are a few things that I really think you should consider working on in the next release: - Cut / copy / past / move ENTIRE PAGE easily (to duplicate, move to another notebook, etc.) - Go back to old zoom functionality - just zoom in on one point in a page where you want to, and scroll from there (instead of the goofy box
  4. Well now I must admit I'm bummed about all of this because I don't think anything is going to happen to change back to the foundational pages / notebooks format. Here's my thesis: The media is reporting Evernote just received a $20MM investment from Nikkei, which is also a content integration deal. Evernote has raised almost $300MM along the way, and really needs to start thinking about liquidity for its investors, likely via IPO, or acquisition by a strategic (though I'd bet on IPO). That's not a good or bad thing, it's just a fact of life for a VC backed company (particularly one with ov
  5. So one last constructive attempt to lobby for reversion back to old structure (individual pages in individual notebooks). I really think your senior execs and CEO should be having this debate / discussion - it's at the core of what Penultimate is IMHO (which is not necessarily the same as what Evernote is...). And oh yeah - call it whatever you want - v 5, v 6.3, v 7... Penultimate did something almost no apps or technologies ever get to do - it attracted a large user base that found it so amazing that they incorporated it deeply into their personal and professional lives - and I mean deep
  6. I just received the email that you screwed up and are adding new features. Kudos for realizing this release was a mistake, but I hope you will continue to accept feedback and consider rolling back to v 5 The elegance of the artisan notebook was a hit for a reason. While these new changes seem helpful, they will not revert back to the intuitive ease of the old app. Also, it would be even more noble if you explained WHY you did this. Is it because you bought the company and needed to rewrite for better integration into Evernote? That might make sense, but you can still go back and get it r
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