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  1. Lol... yes. I get sent emails about an Evernote backpack, pencil holders, laptop sleeve? I honestly thought since they had good industrial design, they would be able to make an impeccable user interface for the mac. There is nothing wrong with the web and iOS versions. It looks as if someone different made the mac version. Maybe they should go to the people that created the market place products and ask them what they think. They seems to have good taste and could point out what is wrong. By the way, is there a reason when I go to upload an image it says I can only upload "59.04KB of files". That seems small, compared to what I see above. I want to post some pictures as well.
  2. It's all right here: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/OSXHIGuidelines/index.html Quote 1: "Yosemite uses translucency and vibrancy to help users focus on what’s important to them" - In the new Evernote, it is used to distract the user from the important content by using it everywhere. It should not be used in the main content window since that defeats the purpose. Quote 2: "A translucent toolbar helps the window UI recede, letting the user’s content appear more prominent" - Evernote uses the toolbars to blend with the background content (i.e the new notebook / find a notebook header) . Toolbar blending is intended for in-application content blending, i.e content within the app. That toolbar should be blending with whats on the page, such as the notebooks colours (or lack there off). Quote 3: "Sidebars and overlays can use vibrancy to defer to the user’s content in two different ways." 1) "A sidebar that enables app-level navigation, such as the Finder sidebar, lets users see the content behind the window" - This is fine for the main sidebar that displays Notes / Notebooks / Tags etc. 2) "An overlay that provides selection and other controls that are focused on window content, such as the Maps Directions view, gives users a more expansive view of the window’s content." - Blurring within the the app content, not background blurring. Again, there is no mention of using vibrancy inside the main content windows or using a tone down effect on the toolbars to blur background content. It seems the designers were just pulling their UI choices out of thin air. This does not look like the job of a professional designer. Also, use green as a highlight colour to offer contrast and constancy with the iOS and web based apps, and to add brand recognition (not blue). This is pretty objective feedback.
  3. I like the new look overall, but it seems like a strange choice to use Vibrancy everywhere? I think apple made it pretty clear in their UI examples / guidelines that it is only for the sidebars. Take the finder for example, there is no vibrancy in the main window around the files. The biggest area where this feels out of place is inside the notebook and tag windows; it seems this should just be a solid colour (or at the least, the same vibrancy effect as in the Favourites / Top Sites window in Safari). Also, the notebooks are too simple! I never thought I would say that, as love the new simple interface of Yosemite, but they have no contrast and don't stand out. It feels like a giant wash of white with no definition to outline what is important; my eyes are not drawn to anything. I'm also downright shocked that you didn't use the colour green anywhere. It is a major branding symbol! This is the biggest sign that you are indeed dealing with Evernote and not another generic application. I am very grateful for the update and the work that has gone into making the application more stable, but I expected more on the interface front. I hope some customization with themes are made available, as I'm sure others will desire a different look to the application as well. Overall, it still doesn't seem as refined as the iOS and web versions.
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