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  1. Just spent $5.99 on Goodnotes after really trying to use v 6.0.1. In addition to some of the issues I mentioned above, here's what else I noticed in this version that were once in v5.x...* images inserted into the page can no longer be resized. * when I press and hold the erase button, there is no longer an option to clear the page * and when I try to erase, not all the markings are removed; it's like I'm using that pink, hard eraser that does nothing instead of the white soft one that always removes the pencil marks * it takes about 5 or 6 flicks on my IPad using 2-fingers to scroll down to a blank screen
  2. You had one job... Nothing else matters to me than to be able to flip to a new page, like one naturally does when writing in a notebook. In the previous version, all I had to do was tap the bottom corner, the page flipped and I was on a blank page. The orientation in 6.0.1 is unnatural. It's like I'm an Egyptian in the 4th century writing edicts for the Pharaoh on a papyrus scroll. No one has written that way in CENTURIES. The 2 finger scroll to get to a new page is bizarre and doesn't even work when the stylus is turned on because when connected, Penultimate IGNORES all finger and palm impressions. I have to turn off my stylus, do the 2 finger scroll MULTIPLE times (which then adds markings to the page), then turn back in the stylus to continue writing. This is a serious usability issue. I weep as I type this, but I'm going to purchase Goodread. I can't wait any longer for Penultimate to get right what was not even broken. I sang your praises for 8-months, but now I'm breaking up with you.
  3. Thank you. I await the new upgrade. But as a BIG fan of Penultimate, I have to stress that users should have the option on how they want their notebooks displayed. I prefer to flip to a new page as I did in the previous version. I like that Penultimate operates like a real notebook. That's one of its best features. The scrolling feature that was introduced in 6.0 makes no sense to me. It's like writing on toilet paper and who does that in real life? No one ever. Plus, when using a Bluetooth-enabled stylus, it IGNORES fingers and palm actions when the stylus is connected. So, the idea of using two fingers to scroll to a blank page only works when I disconnect the stylus. So, I'm going through 4 or 5 clicks to disconnect, scroll, then re-connect my stylus. I like that the stylus connects faster. I like the new highlighting feature. And I like that my handwriting looks way better in 6.0. But all these additions fail in comparison to an upgrade that removed some of its best features. Thanks for listening and responding. And as Techcess said, it says alot about Evernote to recognize that they made a boo boo - and to share it publicly. Just next time, ask for people in your community to beta test. Judging from the activity in the forums, you'll have quite a number of people who'll jump at the chance to help.
  4. Some are saying that the new 6.0 is Evernote's push to get us to buy the Bluetooth enabled stylus. It's not. And here's why. The bluetooth enabled stylus (or e-pen as some are calling it) is useless with the 6.0 because when the stylus is connected, Penultimate ignores fingers and palms on the page. And because 6.0 removed the ability to flip to a new page, that means you have to disconnect your stylus to use your two fingers to scroll to a new page. This is one of the things I noticed when I upgraded to 6.0. First, I was irritated that Penultimate was no longer operating like a notebook. I like the fact that the Bluetooth enabled stylus connects faster and easier in 6.0, but to scroll down to a new page, I had to turn the stylus off. I mean, if I'm in mid-thought, the last I want to do is make 2 or 3 clicks while I'm in my stream of consciousness. This was a RIDICULOUS upgrade. I wanted to pour sticky pop all over the developers', project managers' and product managers' heads for green-lighting this hot-mess of an upgrade. When creatives are creating we don't want technology to get into the way. And while I like the highlighting feature and the ability to sync my stylus ALOT faster, it pales in comparison to the mess Evernote made of this upgrade.
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