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  1. Dear Tassiecelt - You have a good point here and I was annoyed that I had to purchase the Evernote syncing app to make that happen. If I am really honest , my favourite note taking app is Goodnotes but the Evernote syncing isnt there at all (apart from exporting to ) . I like the fact that Penultimate updates all the time. This is why the updates of the app itself are so disappointing! Essentially it's concept is brilliant, but the reality just isn't there anymore.
  2. Its a big step for a company to publicly hold their hands up to something that needs fixing. Most put a marketing sheen on their comments and don't publicly take responsibility. I really respect you for what you have posted and can wait to try out the new Penultimate features. I adore Evernote and really want the full integration of a handwriting app. I am looking forward to what is next! Many thanks
  3. I got so excited when I bought my iPad Air and most of that excitement was due to the promise of being able to make handwritten notes in Penultimate and have the full synchronisation with Evernote. I am sorry to report that I find Penultimate to be really difficult to use. In the latest version the text lags and the drift on the handwriting is too fast. I would like to also expand the size of the page and just write on it like I can in Bamboo Paper and I particularly like Goodnotes 4 for taking notes. Bamboo Paper however allows me to upload individual pages directly into Evernote whereas Good notes is an upload of a PDF or a jpg. Penultimate feels unusable to me and I was going to buy the Jot Script but fear that I will only be disapointed with that too, so I think that I will probably get the Fineline Stylus from Wacomm and stick with Bamboo Paper or Goodnotes until Evernote sort their program out.
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