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  1. I have the same problem on my iPhone, but since I have an old one I just put up with it. But today I upgraded the app on my iPad and Evernote crashes on launch. Looking through the forums today I found this on how to go back to the earlier version of Penultimate after the horrible upgrade and this worked for me for both Evernote and Penultimate Posted 16 November 2014 - 07:51 AM Like Everyone on here I was so upset over the new update that totally ruined penultimate and my life as it was how I took notes for school....I was about the freak out and loose my fricking mind!!!! It would not let me write and when it did it was not legible. I have very neat handwriting so apparently the app is not working properly. However you can get the old version back but you need to do this fast. Step 1 - Go into your IPAD settings under app store and click off the automatic updates for apps. Step 2 - Delete the Penultimate APP from your IPAD Step 3 - Connect your IPAD to your ITUNES Step 4 - Go to APPS and you should have the old version of Penultimate in there - Hit Install and re-login to your account...Everything will sync back over and you will be happy again!!!! Rainbows will appear and your heart will rejoice and you will never ever update Penultimate again!!! I am so super stoked to have my old version back that actually works!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!
  2. Thanks for the tip, Jamie, on how to "un"grade penultimate. I agree with everyone else on the forum, the new version was awful, unusable. I'd upgraded Evernote at the same time, which promptly started to crash on loading, so I "ungraded" that too.
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