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  1. I've been taking alternative notetaking apps for a spin this week as well. Looking for something that works with a stylus. I think Bamboo is great for sketching (infinite zoom is terrific) but not as good for writing lines of text (no split screen zoom to write lines of text), and I prefer the adonit to the wacom stylus (though I haven't tried the new pixelpoint-esque Wacom one). Evernote integration is okay but you have to push your notebooks to it rather than it syncing. Noteshelf might be good enough, but I don't find it as good as Penultimate was (the digital ink/handwriting rendering isn't as good for me nor is the zoom to write, and it's harder for me to make as good use of the page as I did in penultimate). Automatic Evernote syncing costs an extra $2 in-app purchase but that's okay. Notes Plus (a $2 paid app) is the winner for me; the writing/ink rendering is better than Penultimate's was, works equally well in landscape and portrait, has infinite zoom, the split screen to write is like Noteshelf but I find a little more reliable. Sketches don't look as good here as Bamboo, but still better than they did in Penultimate. You still have to push to sync to Evernote (and pdf only) but automatic syncing with Dropbox or Google Drive is there. MyScript Smart Note is interesting; $2 in-app purchase gives Evernote integration, and it does handwriting recognition fairly well (searchable text and writing-to-text conversion). Has an interesting automatic scroll when writing, but not as good as Penultimate's one was. The handwriting engine is not the prettiest and my notes don't look good here though, and that's a deal breaker for me. If you've got $2 to spare, I'd recommend giving Notes Plus a go—no one's mentioned it yet.
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