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  1. Love the title fix. Did find one peculiarity but not sure it is related to this version. I used the iPhone app to take a picture of a notebook page. Not a problem with that but when I view it, unless I am in full screen, the writing is distorted.
  2. Make it easier to give feedback on new features. I am a beta user and love the latest feature that keeps the note title at the top when the note is scrolled but consider adding a "Like/Dislike" button somewhere to make it easier to give feedback. I am only taking the time to post this because I think it would make Evernote stronger in the market. I don't have time to search for a way to give positive feedback and I imagine others feel the same way. I love Evernote, esp. the Search features, and want it to stick around!
  3. This is a cool tip to maximize the note space when entering or addiing to notes. Create a 2-column, one row table. New notes or pasted text can be added to one column and other notes or pasted text can be added to the other, creating a side-by-side note. For example, one column could be a meeting agenda and the other column could be the notes taken during a meeting. This allows each note to take advantage of more screen space. Columns in Evernote notes.pdf
  4. We are working on some significant improvements for zoom in the next release. Are you unable to reposition the zoom box? You should be able to tap anywhere outside the zoomed area to navigate. If that's not the case let us know. Otherwise, I'm hopeful that coming improvements will meet your needs. I must agree with this comment. I just got my Jot Script today with the expectation that I would be able to use two fingers to zoom in but all I got was a box. The box is what I didn't like before getting this pen and thought that was what it would do when watching the latest video clip. Not happy. Is that feature returning in the revision? If not, as much as I like this stylus, I need to return it. I have committed to Evernote over several other cross platform systems because it has done what it says. This was the icing on the cake but all I have is cake...
  5. Yay! Thanks very much! Just started using Premium and am still learning!
  6. RG2

    ios Open pages

    Penultimate is a dynamite app and I love it. After using it a bit, I have two suggestions: 1. Have some way to see the page break so transfers to Evernote don't result in gaps between the pages that Evernote creates. 2. Consider having an open page horizontally as well as vertically to make it a true freeform app.
  7. Would be nice to have a way of viewing all untagged files in Evernote so that tags could then be added. Sometimes, when I am adding numerous files, I forget to include tags. This would make it easy to then batch tag files for easier location.
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