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  1. Hi faztrainer, I have moved to BAMBOO paper and it works fine, without the problems of the new upgrade of penultimate and you can save notes in evernote and dropbox and others. If you have saved your previous penultimate notes in evernote, no problem.
  2. I got a JOT Script and when I wanted to test it, I discovered that my Ipad Air has updated to the new version of Penultimate. certainly the problem was not in the electronic pen, because similar problems occur with Bamboo. This version is a great disaster, rolling paper instead of pages, problems of sensitivity to scroll the pages, failing during writing. The past version was very good compared to this disaster. If you go to the Applestore Apps Penultimate you can see that most opinions are unfavourable and ask to Evernote to solve the problem. I have tried with Bamboo Paper App and it works perfect.
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