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  1. Geez! I feel like an idiot! Thank you for moving this thread for me. I feel like a dumb old lady, which my kids would say I am cuz they think 47 is old. Anyway, thanks again. Have a lovely day!
  2. I hope this is the information you need. Galaxy S5 OS G900VVRu2BOE1 (according to my settings, I have the most current Android update) Evernote Thank you
  3. Any notes I create or any articles I add all have the date date I added them highlighted right under the title. I don't need to know this info. It's distracting annoying. Is there a way I can get rid of this or turn it off? Example: "Set up summer chore list" 8/10/2014 (highlighted in green)
  4. I'm one of those people who prefers an analog watch and at least a monthly calendar. It's much easier for me to schedule appointments and events if I can see a calendar and see how many days or weeks are involved. Will Evernote be adding this type of calendar? Not even necessarily one that allows the user to click on a date to schedule an even. Just a calendar that one could use as reference. I use Evernote for personal and work. I work in the office of my husband's machine shop. We have a son with Asperger's who is applying for college and our daughter is a senior in high school. Evernote is a lifesaver! I can't believe how much I rely on it. But I end up using the calendar that came installed on my phone for reference.
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