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  1. Have been a HUGE fan of penultimate since day 1. NO LONGER!! They have completely ruined the program with this 6.0 update and I cannot get any help from Evernote support. Each time I ask about switching back to old version or asking about whether they are going to change things back to page-by-page access that allows sending a page or clearing a page, etc. instead of the toilet paper roll scrolling they went to, I get a canned response that talks about the have included a "brand new interface" and here is a link to our frequently asked questions. So, I ask the forum three questions: 1) Has anybody successfully gotten an answer from them as to whether they are going to return to any feature from the previous version (and particularly the page-by-page ability)? 2) Has anybody figured out how to revert back to the old version and get rid of 6.0? If so, please share. 3) Does anybody have a recommendation on another handwriting app that is as good as penultimate WAS and that allows the page-by-page scrolling, clearing, and sending? Thank you!!!
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