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  1. No no no no no. Imagine my surprise when I open my open to take notes for class and 4 of my classes where suddenly in one notebook. I spent half the class trying figure out what happened because there is no way a successful company such as your self would mess everyone up like that. To top it off, I was called out in class for not paying attention because I was trying to sort out what happened to my notes. One to the app itself, the eraser. It is too big. I'm sick of having to put my stylist 2 cm from the thing I'm trying to erase. The pin doesn't write smooth. Sometimes it doesn't event realize I'm writing. The zoom is so much worse. I liked the way it was before. I like that the play didn't run all the way across the screen when I wasn't writing. I liked that it followed my writing speed. I like the anchor option. What you have now is just terrible. Change it back. I miss the actual notebook feel. That's why I switched to this app. I'm sure there is more, but I'm too upset to remember. Everyone here feels the same way so just put it back.
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