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  1. Much of my afternoon was dedicated to reading reviews and trying different note taking apps. I've settle on GoodNotes. It was easy to learn, has more features than Penultimate did and I can write quickly line after line. The first I went to was Notability. Apparently they just did an update that users don't like, much like Penultimate. GoodNotes. Highly recommended by someone dedicated to writing notes, not typing.
  2. Been using Evernote Premium for years. Started with Penultimate recently. Now, as is written anywhere Penultimate is discussed, I find that this software version 6 is not easy enough to use for note taking. Pen and paper is EXTREMELY hard to replace with glass and a fake pen. The best app will replicate what we have used for our entire note taking life. Easy access to the sheet and quick writing, like pen and paper. The benefit of Penultimate and Evernote is getting your notes into the computer. If it isn't easy to use it won't be used. I now have pen and paper back on my desk even though I was able to get version 5 back on my iPad. But should I continue to use it? Unless Evernote listens to their users and fixes the software I cannot risk using an old version. Now maybe we should all worry that Evernote will render Evernote useless. And it's not like a few people hate the new version. Check out the App Store reviews. When I got Penultimate it was 4 plus stars. Now it is 1 star with lots of reviews. You don't need to be a tech genius to figure it out. Evernote, post an apology with a refreshed version 5 and move on. Your next version of Penultimate may be the last.
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