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  1. The same here- all data lost because I never synced with Evernote.... Have some backup on email - unfortunately in .pen format not PDF - not possible to open, I checked all converters available... Can anyone who downgrade Penultimate to version 5 help me please and change format of my 7 notebooks to PdF? Please! I'm devastated... Can't prepare for my exams...
  2. This is absolutely not the case. There is a notebook now called "Penultimate" that contains very old versions of my data from the last time I synced - over a year and a half ago - some of which should not exist anymore, and many of which are missing because they are newer. I have scrolled through each and every one of these notes, and it is clear that all data not synced to Evernote has been deleted.There is also a notebook with my old journal in it strangely called "Titanic." Not sure where that came from, but my notes aren't there, either. I have scrolled through each and every note I have, and can confirm. The data loss is real. Withdraw the update now. Fix it later. At the very least, warn people that data will be consolidated in the update description.
  3. I have never sycned my notes on penultimate to Evernote. This new update to penultimate seems like punishment to those who have not sycned their notes to Evernote?
  4. I've tried to open my notebooks from email ( I stored them there in old version .pen format) on my colegues Penultimate- it doesn't want to open the file in Penultimate or Evernote? It looks like to me version 5 .pen format is not readable by version 6? What's going on? How otherwise I can change its format to PDF? I've tried any possible converter....
  5. Hi guys, can anyone help me please? I've got my 7 notebooks in Penultimate format on my email - can anyone convert them to PDF format for me, please? Recent update was DISASTROUS!!! I lost everything and I suppose to preparing for exams now.... Thanks Evernote....
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