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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I had slowly become more fond of penultimate; the previous version was good but had some issues. As a result I was excited about the upgrade- until I tried it. One world- terrible. More words- I basically can't write in it anymore. The zoom window is so small as to be more or less unusable- part of what I do is sketch figures and ideas. I can't do it in the unzoomed window because things look like a mess when I try. The "continuous scroll" is a good idea with terrible implementation. For whatever reason, the app kept jumping me up pages; I'd be working at the end of my document and then suddenly find myself back on page 3. Then I need to scroll...scroll...scroll...until I get back to where I was. And the lag. Oh the lag. And they said offset was fixed! I have two stylii, the Jot Pro and the Jot Touch. Both are miserable to use. The end result is that I'm completely stopping my use of Penultimate and Evernote until this is fixed. Really, it's just unworkable.
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