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  1. I want to convert my notes to a PDF and email them from Peneultimate on my IPad ... I could do this on the old version but cannot on the new one -- can it be done and if so how? I have tried emailing the notes from the email function but it only sends a link not the notes. Also, I have not been able to figure out how or what the PDFs function is in the window that contains the email function-- need direction. If I can get this up and running I think I'll be close to being functional again.
  2. I am describing Penultimate. I am using windows. I was able to send Penultimate notes directly from my ipad to third parties for the past 2 years -- not being able to do this is a major problem for me -- it worked before the "upgrade" -- do you plan to reestablish the capability to email notes directly form Penultimate? I'm not even sure who I should be taking to any more --- don't you also administrate the Penultimate app? Your response to my original post leads me to believe that Penultimate is not in your scope.
  3. I have been trying to send an email of my note for weeks and have not been successful, here is what I have been doing: applying pressure to the note to open three blue dots - clicking on the envelope blue dot that opens a window with an email button -- opening the email button to the email page -- it will allow me to compose an email -- the problem is my notes are not copied as an attachment but a link appears as the attachment. I need to send the actual notes in PDF or Word format -- not a link -- how do I do that?
  4. I had 27 notebooks under the old system and I now have one notebook with 27 stacks of pages in the Penultimate notebook -- actually I don't know why I'm bothering to respond to any of this because I have not receive an answer to my prior two questions. I want my 27 individual note books back, not one notebook with 27 stacks of paper in that note book. My data is there in an unusable format; cannot email notes -- unable to file the notes into the system I was successfully using prior to this change. Beyond frustrated -- lack of customer service bordering on arrogance.
  5. It is hard to believe that this was done without providing an option to stay with the product that I originally subscribed to. In addition to the other flaws in the update the prior note book format allowed me to email my notes directly from my Ipad. I can no longer do this as the notes are not email but a line of code. Am I correct or is there a way to email the notes from my Ipad?
  6. I had a perfectly functional note taking and business filing system and now I have an unrequested new system that in no way suits my needs. Is there anyway to access and restore Penultimate to the old highly functional format. Did anyone consider doing research prior to releasing this -- if so, I doubt it would ever have been released...
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