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  1. Leonardo, Try deleting the app entirely and reinstalling. Once I did this, everything started working fine for me. Now, I just open notes on various devices and edit at will. I never hit sync or done. I just switch apps or turn off the screen and go on with my day. Evernote keeps everything in sync smoothly (except for the very occasional upload conflict). Annoyingly, the formatting changes across devices, but that's a separate issue...
  2. Theresa, thank you for your efforts thus far. I'm sorry I disappeared for a while. I have been getting the forum update emails and saw that others are doing a good job of carrying the torch on this issue. I seem to have resolved my issue by reinstalling the android app. Updating it had not worked (as previously mentioned), but deleting it and installing it again did the trick. I am on v6.1.1 and it is currenty working fine. My device is an HTC m7 with android 4.4.3 and Sense 6.0. While I was having the problem, I tried using a tablet (LG GPad 8.3 v500), and it worked fine. I don't know the software versions for that. I have observed that the Evernote interface is quite different from device to device, so maybe that has something to do with it. Thanks again.
  3. I'm thirding this one. Just as Wondering says, the steps to reproduce are: Open the offending note in the android app Click the pen in the green circle to enter edit mode Type something (or delete, or check a checkbox) Click DoneThe app goes into read-only mode and the new text is missing. A split second later, a message appears saying "Saving note in [Folder]." Of course, saving the note doesn't help since the changes seem to have been discarded already. I just updated my Evernote version a few minutes ago and it did not solve the problem. I have also force stopped the application to no avail. I thought the problem might be that I had the note open in a web browser on my laptop, but I have now closed out of that. A few other interesting notes: After duplicating the note, I can edit it once. After that, it reverts back to the behavior described aboveTesting on another note yields the same as the first bullet. Editing works only once.Creating a new note on my phone doesn't help either. I can create it, then edit it once.There is no improvement if I insert a manual save step before 3 and 4.The date listed under the note title in the Notebook view remains unchanged after a failed edit. I have the android app set to sync in the background on any type of network, so I generally never have to worry about manual syncing. I used to be able switch between phone and browser and have my notes stay in sync at all times. I didn't really notice that there was a Sync option until reading this forum. I don't think this is related to syncing, though. One can't sync what the app won't save.
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