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  1. After the Penultimate-F***-Up I first moved to Bamboo Paper. It's cool, very much like Penultimate. Bit then I got Notes Plus and after a few days now using it: I am actually glad that Penultimate made me to look for something even better! So thanks ;-)
  2. You don't need to ask us anymore of 'what we think' unless you have brought back all the functionality of the 5er version. Oh, actually, if you want to know what I think: I am here now for the last time, just to unsubscribe and I've already happily moved on to Notes Plus.
  3. Bring back 5. Call it 7 as it will be a major upgrade from 6. (So, my last post for now. Have to go back and get familiar with Bamboo)
  4. I am on Bamboo Paper. I think it's beautiful, many ways to export my sketches. Simple. Reminds me of the old Penultimate.
  5. I am sorry to say that the last upgrade of Penultimate made me feel like I was downgrading. I used and love Penultimate to the ultimate. Now I really hate to use it. It starts with the colour of the icon. I miss the folder view. I miss the pages overview. I miss the zoom-where-ever-I-like feature. It is such a pity that I cannot believe that someone likes this.If this is called modern then I am a really old man. I also feel that writing is less responsive but probably just because I am so much against it now. I hope that many complaints will fix this all to where it once was. I don't really feel like looking for a new app. EDITED: (I was too quick to write this, didn't even see all the other threads of complaints)
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