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  1. I would disagree. I'm not going to try and convince you. This is a political issue, however. Some people feel they "have nothing to hide" and others feel that Google, and/or the NSA pose a much larger threat to our society. To the former, those who disagree just look like people who are spreading FUD. To the latter the others look like people who are potentially dangerously naive. There are very smart people on both sides of this issue, we will not solve this in this forum. I would hope that EN would register the number of people who have had a problem with their new strategy, perhaps even enough to reconsider.
  2. I mean no disrespect to anyone here. I'm sorry, but I don't like Google. I don't use Google Drive, Google Apps, their search engine or Gmail. I can't imagine using Gmail, sending out an ad in every email to people, or getting everything I've said mined for whatever ulterior purpose. I remember seeing Blade Runner when it first came out and I was struck that there was a tv everywhere and ads were all over. We have apparently made it to (at least part of) this future. Do people really want to send emails out with ads on them? Apparently they do. It's not for me. I don't like this move. There are apparently a lot of others who don't like it either, I did read the previous 7 pages of this thread before posting.
  3. I do actually believe the things I say. I am not a conspiracy theorist, just an informed person. I am in the computer field and am aware of the basic trends, and all the things that actually did happen, that Mr. Snowden pointed us to. In fact, it now seems that he was quite mild in his assessments regarding Att and their cooperation with the NSA, etc. I don't think the Moon landing was a hoax but I do believe people are foolish to use Gmail, it just seems silly to me. I'm not trying to insult anyone. Years ago my brother was picked up and beaten to a pulp by the police because he was driving a car similar to the one that had been used in a crime. I am not a criminal, have nothing I am ashamed of having done - so i presumably have nothing to hide. You want to know what percentage of people open death row have been proven innocent? It's quite high, about 40%. It's easy for there to be a case of mistaken identity. If someone, or some district attorney, wants to build a case against you, more information is going to help them... Of course, if I was Muslim, or even had Muslim friends (wait, I do, damn) I might be more at risk.
  4. Been a Premium User for a couple of years. I don't like this at all. I will likely migrate off of Evernote to something else soon. It's pretty clear that running anything through Google puts it at risk. Even if I am wrong about this, and they won't because its in the "data section", my paraphrasing, Evernote is still doing business with a company that is clearly Evil. I'm not foolish enough to use Gmail but lots of people are, and they take advantage of that relationship in an unhealthy and immoral way. These are clearly the bad guys. Even if their tendrils haven't reached the pure data customers it doesn't mean they won't. The kind of behavior they have exhibited should not be rewarded.
  5. This is the same email for the one I received....
  6. I get this email from the "Evernote Team". "Complete this survey and get a $15 Amazon gift card". I presume its real. Someone correct me if it isn't. I like $15 as much as the next guy. So I press the button for Take the Survey and I am brought to a page hosted by Qualtrics that looks like garbage. It asks me if I want to update to a page optimized for Jaws 11, something I know nothing about. No explanation. I look online and it seems legit so I press the button, and am brought to another page that still looks like garbage, only the type is larger. It asks me what type of account I have and I choose Premium. I then gives me a page that says I do not qualify to complete the survey or to receive the $15 gift card. If this is actually coming from Evernote, you'd think they would filter out the Premium users so they don't get the email in the first place. They might also make the survey look a little better, and sound like it wasn't just another way to get people to sign up for the $5 a month... This is just rude - Comment coming form a real supporter of Evernote.
  7. Hi folks. I do the linking all the time from one note to another. Once I discovered this, it became very useful. I was wondering, however, how to do a link within a single note. My list of things to do often gets long. I'd like to have a synopsis up top, where I can change the order of what to do first 2nd and 3rd, with a link down to the paragraph lower on the page. Is this possible? TIA Lenny
  8. Thanks, everyone. That was very helpful. I get it now... generally speaking, at least. Lenny
  9. I have a question or three. I am brand new to this. I'm initially impressed by what I see. I've been studying up on all sorts of things, watching youtube videos by smart and ignorant people alike. They all suggest they will tel you how to use EN in business, then they show you how they track their food choices. They all go thru the basics of creating a Note, then creating a Notebook, etc. I am wondering if someone can point me to a place that shows a method or two for setting up the tags for managing multiple projects, time, due dates, how the tags are useful, etc. I have these projects, and have tasks that I need to record duration for. It would nice to pull them out when done and create a bill in my database at the right time. Does this exist? Do I have to write it myself? I thought I heard that one can take a picture with a camera and OCR the info on the card into a note. I don't see a way to do this, I can't even seem to rotate the photo. Are these Premium features? Do they exist? Thanks for any and all help you can offer - to get me started.
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