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  1. Ver 6.2 The writing tools, such as undo, ink color, pen type and size, are too far away from the writing zoom window. Currently these tools appear only at the top of the screen. Particularly the undo. NotesPlus incorporates a strike out feature, whereby a scribble over the writing you want to delete will remove that inking. Suggestion: an additional undo trigger near the zoom box control (such as next to the speed controls) or a pen based gesture (or both) would be a welcome addition. This is especially true for the iPad Pro.
  2. Seriously everyone - it's time to move along. Is it fully clear now that EN does not care about this customer base (or should I say former customer base). The destruction of so many user's workflow, data, and productivity with no resolution (or even apology) is telling. I have been vacillating between NoteShelf and GoodNotes - both have interesting features, yet both are not without faults. (I understand that Notes Plus is supposed be pretty solid, I just haven tried it yet). What is clear is that both NoteShelf and GoodNotes provide at least the minimum features that, what seems to be quite literally, the entire Penultimate user base relied upon. Features which no longer exist in whatever the "new" note taking app that EN calls Penultimate 6.0 (it is so clearly a different product that the the name itself is misleading). What I find so disturbing is that I paid for Penultimate and now I somehow can't have the product I purchased. Seems almost fraud - but there is likely language buried in the EULA that permits what is basically theft. Once, i get my new work flow figured and make the necessary changes, I will be closing my company's EN professional accounts. That appears to be the only way that EN will take any notice - it obviously has disassociated itself from me, so I will soon do likewise. Such a shame, EN was my firm's main research collaboration tool. Tending toward OneNote, but are exploring other options.
  3. To be fair, every beta tester likely opened it and tested it, since it was distributed to beta testers several weeks before release. You could even apply to be a beta tester yourself, and they seem to let most people into the beta. Application Here: Omnibus Beta Tester Beg So you can at least be one more person in a position to voice their concerns a tiny bit earlier in the development process. Having beta testers, and actually listening to the responses are two different things. If EN was strictly looking for bugs (of which there are in abundance) or looking for actual use input (obviously not - or possibly the EN testers did not have the same use characteristics as the seeming majority - stemming from responses), these are two completely different objectives. Regardless of beta testing, the shrill outcry here and on App Store indicates that EN flat got it wrong. That EN is apparently unwilling to just provide (something it has and could provide at NO incremental cost) a product its users are clambering for, is telling as to what EN actually thinks of USER INPUT - beta or not. Seriously, these decisions smack of pride/vanity rather than of useful product/tool development.
  4. No. NO box. Drift, yes (the run away and hide "feature" is just absurd). As has been stated above, the zoom box is a terrible UI concept. Evernote's assertion that it provides better location awareness is just wrong. Being able to enter zoomed text anywhere is the correct application - the location awareness in the old zoom offered by the slight transparency of the entire note below was particularly clever. This "you will write were we tell you" idea is just poor. I have already begun moving my notes/flow to Noteshelf (it too has a stupid zoom box - but at least it doesn't make a target practice game out of writing.) I have work to do now, I just can't wait for Evernote to address. I keep coming back here because I can't keep my eyes of this train wreck. It is almost fun, if not compelling, to watch Evernote scrabble to no effect. The customer care study is instructive. I truly relied on Evernote. The amount of lost productivity just to circumvent this mess is significant. I still hold out hope Evernote can get it "write."
  5. WAY. TOO. LITTLE. WAY TOO. LATE. Quit the charade. Just state what everyone here knows - but are hoping against hope to not be true. Evernote will not revert to Penultimate V5 types of functionality. Evernote's ideas of how to interact with Penultimate V6 are the "correct" ones. Evernote doesn't give a spit about all the content lost by its customers. Evernote doesn't give 2 spits about how its customers actually use its products. Just say it. Either that or really impress us and stop fighting your customers and provide what each and every one needs, V5. Period. (So what if Evernote just spent some $$$ on development. Sunk costs are sunk. And sometimes investments don't generate what the investor believed). I for one am moving on. Evernote just lost a business level (very small, 4 users) customer that paid it approx $500/year. Already moving what content I can off of my EN accounts and am investigating several alternatives. Truly a shame. I had created a rather robust workflow. But in my line of work, mistakes can carry significant consequences.
  6. Tone deaf. Or arrogant. Likely both. When I complained re: the entire product (Notebooks, Zoom, page scroll and train wreck bad "writing") I received this response: "Since you're experiencing problems with the app's performance, rather than just with the UI changes," [emphasis added] Note the "just the UI changes." Evernote is either in complete denial or is set on forcing this change no mater what. Either way, for a CLOUD based company to destroy the trust of its customers is insane. In a cloud based industry/workflow, trust is ALL you have. That IS the value. There are many, many alternatives. OneNote Outline+ Box Notes GoodNotes Bambo Paper NoteShelf Noteability Memo Pen and paper and scanner etc. etc. The (now lost to me) leverage Evernote had was the trust I (now regrettably) placed in the company. There likely are several business school papers possible from this debacle. "How to Piss Away a User Base" The continued silence (and a tweet about bugs is silence - how many pieces of software are rolled out bug free??) is evidence that this firm has completely lost its way with regard to users of this product.
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