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  1. Add my voice to the negative response list. Abandonment of the notebook metaphor was a huge mistake. I'm going to the App Store now to give you a one star rating.
  2. I also have reactivated my account to express how much I dislike this downgrade. My notebooks are now unusable and non-navigable. All of the writing is organized into pages which are now impossible to move through the without scrolling to some uncertain point. The page thumbnail view allowed for easy navigation. I even labeled key pages with large text so I could move quickly to an exact point in a document. This downgrade makes the application completely unusable. Please return the following lost features, even if they are switchable options: - discrete notebooks - restore the page metaphor and the page thumbnail navigation view - restore page turning by a single swipe gesture, so I don't have to put down the stylus to move to the next page - leave the typical contirols (pens, erase, undo, etc ) on the contol strip so I can use them with a single styus tap, and see which is in effect. I will also abandon this application if these mistakes are not fixed in the near future.
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