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  1. For more info: iPad mini Retina WiFi 32G, running iOS 8.1 (12B410)
  2. Sigh. It's better. I know you were working on a tight deadline and couldn't fix everything. It's great to have a working drift feature back. But the handwriting rendering is sluggish and looks awful compared to, say, the beautiful handwriting recognition of Notes Plus, which I bought last week. Seriously, you should look at the work they've done on inking. Vector graphics are the way to go. Other notes: - Nice to have pages back, but I still miss the page-turning metaphor. - If you really insist on using a zoom box instead of full-screen zoom (sigh, again), please give us a way to undo and
  3. Just tried Inkredible and downloading Notes Plus. Very impressive.
  4. You're welcome. I've probably come across as rather angry on these pages in recent days (because I have been...). I thought his response and now Jamie Hull's blog post show that they actually understand and are trying to fix this mistake. I really hope they follow up!
  5. Yes, a good first step. Let's hope the update actually goes some way toward restoring lost functionality. As for the "no data loss" claim... I'm skeptical, but again maybe this update will help
  6. In an encouraging development, I received an email from Phil Libin. I don't want to cross-post, so you can read it here. Short version: They're working on addressing software problems first, at which point he'll address "process and responsibility" issues. It's a start...
  7. Just received a brief email response from Phil Libin. It's a start: Here's the note I had sent:
  8. And the communication is consistently horrible across their products. Take a look over at the Penultimate forum to see how Evernote has alienated and begun driving away a once-loyal user base in the space of less than a week. Catastrophic data loss, widespread complaints of interrupted workflows, and all we get is "thanks for your feedback!". There's a growing thread on alternatives to Penultimate RIGHT ON THE PENULTIMATE FORUM.
  9. Well, no. Responses to individual "bug" reports, perhaps. But no real response from senior management, which it is now clear is where the true problem lies. Phil Libin's tweet -- telling us to wait until they get their act together to issue an update that restores basic lost functionality -- is nothing short of insulting to users who have experienced significant disruptions and, in some cases, catastrophic data loss. Throughout this debacle, Evernote has repeatedly shown that it DOES NOT GET IT. There has been NO attempt to address the betrayal of users' trust. At every step, Evernote has w
  10. Part of me really wants to cancel my Evernote Premium service -- and even get out of Evernote entirely -- but I have so much stuff in there and make use of offline notes so much that the transition will be painful. I'm going to give them a few more days. Sigh.
  11. This is a good point. I'm frustrated with the design changes, but that's nothing compared to actual data loss.
  12. Just scanned through some of the developers' Twitter accounts. Here's an interesting tweet: Isaac Lim: It's very much a first version product because it was a full rewrite, so please bear with us! Working really hard here I feel badly for Isaac and his team, all of whom I am sure are working hard. But who made the decision that this app was ready for release in its current state? This underscores my growing concern that the problem is less with an individual app, and more with Evernote as a company.
  13. Thank you for your response, but I'm afraid Evernote continues to miss several larger points. - Your update turns its back on a number of features -- full-screen writing, page-based organization, landscape mode to mention just three -- that were central to the way many of your users used this program. Many of us chose Penultimate precisely because of the features and functionality you have now eliminated. - The attempt to frame the livid customer response as simple "feedback" -- or to even properly acknowledge our immense frustration -- indicates a total lack of understanding of the degre
  14. Would appreciate your follow-up on this as I, and apparently hundreds (thousands?) are in a similar boat and would appreciate hearing if Noteshelf (and other apps with direct Evernote sync capabilities) is a viable substitute to the abomination that is Penultimate 6. Thanks. After a day's use, I've decided Noteshelf isn't for me. Lots of nice features, but I don't like the zoomed writing implementation and the handwriting quality is poor. Downloaded GoodNotes last night, which seems like a better fit. There are some interface problems I don't like -- creating a notebook requires several
  15. I downloaded Noteshelf. It's OK. It doesn't have auto-scroll, which was one of my favourite Penultimate features, and my handwriting doesn't seem quite as legible as it was in Penultimate 5. It does, however, have Evernote integration (for a fee). Overall, I don't like it as much as Penultimate 5, but I like it a heck of a lot more than Penultimate 6.0. I plan to give it a try over the next few days.
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