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  1. Really? Penultimate. Really? I'm sorry I know you would hate to hear me lashing and I do hate to teach an adult to be an adult. It's okay for me if its development team made a mistake. It's okay for me if its development team ***** up sometimes. It's okay for me if they would like to take time to fix thing up. It's even okay for me if they won't roll back to 5.0. As long as they be mature, admit for ***** up, and promise to fix it. But what is this? It has been almost a week. And you came up with this? Are you saying most of the problems come from users that they cant figure out how to use the app? Even if the users really find it really hard to use new features&interface, can't you figure it out it's the problem of design! (And you didnt mention it but it's also the problem of performance. Boo) If you really care about customers, can't you apologize? And promise to fix it? Since you released the update without warning and many people lost their notes, I doubt if you care at all..
  2. Is the GoodNotes export to Evernote direct (as it is with Noteshelf) or are there intermediate steps required? Is there a fee for such integration (as Noteshelf charges)? Thanks. It exports the notes as a pdf file attached to a note in Evernote. There is no syncing unfortunately. Notability has that horrible split-screen zoom, though, doesn't it? I've only looked through screen shots and videos of the various apps on the market, and the only one I've seen that does zoom “properly” (i.e. full-screen) seems to be Bamboo paper. The lack of a distinct and separate writing area is a large part of what made me choose Penultimate all those years ago, and I'd hate to go back to that. Goodnotes has both zooming options though; zoombox, and full-screen zoom like penultimate.
  3. I used to use noteshelf before but its response to jot script was kinda poor. There was a split second delay from time to time, resulting in skipping a stroke or two occasionally, must a resource managing problem. It was quite annoying so i moved to penultimates since it had perfect response to jot script stylus and it was connected to evernote. (Not anymore, duh) I've just known that now noteshelf has evernote integration. Must be a new update, i might give it a try. Atm im enjoying using goodnotes. It handles my jot script almost perfectly. My high strokes like t, l, h are skipped occasionally when i write fast. Bare in mind that it can probably be my hand positioning. (I doubt it though) I've just known from @olaf1965 that it can export to evernote, so atm it's the best note-taking app for me. If anyone can spare 5$, i suggest you give it a try. ____ Penultimates may say their staffs are working really hard to fix the app, but it is not an excuse for poor customer relationship. Without any official response, the customers' frustration is a real pain and can be a major cause for leaving long-term customers.
  4. After a few hours of "terrible user-friendliness, no place to lay my hand while writing in the zoombox, slow response from stylus(jot script), occasionally jumpy & unresponsive stylus(rarely happen in older verion, zoom box warped to top of the pages." I just can't take this anymore. Would anyone kindly suggest another or few apps for note-taking? I think this is the best response to the situation that, until now.. "we have a few-to-zero support from penultimate stuffs. We still have no response or promise to rollback or fix the current disaster. I can't tolerate using this new-update anymore." I even wonder if they read the forum anymore. So far, i'm using "Goodnotes" bought for 4.99$. It's very good so far, the user interface is easy, very responsive and accurate with jot script stylus. It wrothes all the bucks i paid.
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