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  1. INITIAL SCREEN I don't mingle Penultimate and Evernote so this initial screen is confusing to me and doesn't add value. The iced-over window effect is apt because I feel there's a useless layer obscuring my view. It is not evident what gesture gets it out of the way or penetrates it. See, I'm not sure what to do with the dang thing except it's in my way. This tight integration with Evernote detracts from Penultimate. If I wanted to see an Evernote Note, I would go to Evernote, no? When I go to Penultimate, I want to resume or create a new note. You've complicated that activity and made it se
  2. Rats. This tells me you're doubling down on this abomination. Your side-by-side comparison is snarky, insulting, and alienating more users. This debacle moved from being about technology to revealing how you regard your customer base. You are dismissive, uncommunicative, arrogant and stubborn. You're about to be a business school case study - make it for the right reasons.
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