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  1. Thank you to those who posted instructions in these forums on how to revert back to version 5. I'm lucky I had saved a copy, the instructions worked, life is good again after a very anxious 48 hours. Lesson learned; I have turned off the auto-update feature on my iPad. I don't ever want to be surprised like this again. And what a poor reflection on the Apple experience as well! Apple take note! To Evernote/Penultimate- This was a terrible example of how to release an update to your loyal customers. Add me to the unhappy list. I predict this will become a classic business school case study on how not to manage a software update. Evernote, you have a lot to learn from this episode. The v5 paradigm works great, v6 does not, and I hope you can find your way back to a rational design approach. As a business professional, I have a core requirement to be able to easily segment topics within each notebook. I have over 50 notebooks, and as time goes on I refer back to my notebook segments to update them with new information, including adding additional pages to insert more notes as needed. In v5 it's easy to navigate the notebook and the various sections I have established using the multi page view. It does not look like scroll supports this requirement very well at all. I agree with a previous post that said; there is a good reason why we abandoned the ancient scroll centuries ago in favor of books. I also found the v6 approach to writing to be very inefficient, challenging, and of extremely low quality. Maybe I did not fully understand the intent of this new approach (was there any instruction provided by Evernote? If so I never saw it), and managing the zoom box on the page and the rolling feature simply did not work well for me. I'm open to change, I gave it a try, but at this point I'm not seeing any benefit, just downside. I have influenced at least 15 to 20 people to use Penultimate, I hope they were not negatively impacted by v6. I did learn through this experience just how valuable my notes in Penultimate are to me. The thought that this application and my notes could become essentially un-useable due to a reckless software update has me concerned and evaluating the alternatives, as should all current and potential users of Penultimate software. P.S. the JotSript pen i had been using successfully since January started working only intermittently in September. Feedback from Evernote support was that I needed to use a special 1.5v battery, despite 9 months of successful use with standard 1.5v batteries. I've heard other users who have had negative experiences with the pen. Caution, it's expensive!
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