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  1. GoodNotes is perfect: workshop seamlessly with The evernote jot script, has smooth handleiding beter that penultimate, page thumbnails, Good writing magnifying box, experts to many other programmes. Also exports to Evernote. This is how penultimate should have been And ot bloes penultimate waar.
  2. I Cannot imagine that Evernote sustains it is "happy" to have launched the new Penultimate. 99% of the users here are negative, I endorse most of the criticism: - Evernote violates its brand promise to never lose your information. Many users did. - the not script performance is astonishingly bad: it keeps losing strokes, has many glitches, only creates wobbly irregular handwriting. It is no match to GoodNotes. How could Evernote fail to improve while a better app than theirs is on the market already? - failure to understand usage. Loss of ease of navigation ( scroll with fingers...gr.....). - inability to use different paper styles in one notebook. - most users used a notebook as a collection of notes. penultimate changes this and interprets a notebook to be one note. - I have just paid 80 euros for the jot script and it is useless. My conclusion is tha t Evernote has decided that 1) people should write shorter notes ( and not notebooks), 2) should be locked on more to Evernote, 3) customers are better off in GoodNotes 4) data protection of customers is compromiseable.
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